Internet of Things Solutions: investing in IoT solutions that involves sensors and wireless technology has become a crucial process for the survival of all firms. Companies are using IoT to: lower operating costs, increase productivity, expand to new markets, and develop new product offerings. Smart Home, Connected Cars, Wearables, and Smart Cities are some of most popular applications. Businesses  have to continuously update their products and process to conform to current trends. B Solutions will help them identify the best solution to meet these needs.

Business Performance Improvement: B Solutions develops the right productivity and performance solutions to meet each client’s needs. B Solutions can show its clients how their organization can eliminate waste and lost productivity while multiplying employee motivation, focus, and productivity.

Layout Optimization: the objectives of optimizing a layout are typically to improve workflow and material handling costs, improve throughput, maximize space, and reduce labor costs. B Solutions’s layout optimization solution will define opportunities to remove waste, non-value added steps, improve material and work flow, validate technology, systems, locations for equipment, machines, work stations, and storage areas.

Process Cycle Efficiency: B Solutions’s process cycle efficiency services utilize best industry standards and practices, including operations process improvement, continuous improvement, and lean manufacturing, to identify points in a process where time is wasted.