"Big results come from many small changes accumulated over time."

Kaizen Philosophy

"We cannot solve our problem with the same thinking we used when we created them” -A. Einstein.

Different viewpoint

"B Solutions Consulting wants to be a company able to help the people to change the business for the better."

B-side of consulting

"Kaizen makes leaders of all employees, from the shipping clerks to the executive vice presidents."

Getting your employees on board


B Solutions isn’t another consulting firm offering fragmented advice. At B Solutions, we help you actively improve your business from the inside out, for measurable and sustainable results.

We help clients help themselves – a practice we call the B-side of consulting. We are committed to showing you how to make strides from within rather than continually lean on us for solutions.

Wherever you are in the journey, our approach to innovation, results and transformation puts your organization on the path to better performance and bottom-line growth – year after year.


Marco Bonifaccino
1430 Walnut Street
Suite 200
Philadelphia 19102, Pennsylvania
+1 267 231 7698

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